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– 26% of all iPhones break within two years of purchase. Smartphones, indeed. [Computer World]

– Here is something that directly contradicts the claim that the mobile ad space might potentially be a dud. [Adotas]

– Everyone’s trickling out of Denver and saying farewell to AffCon 2010. [Twitter]

– A new Google Maps feature for Android makes it so you’ll never miss another train again. Or that you’ll at least have enough time to grab a snack if your next train isn’t for a while. [Gizmodo]

– How social media plays a role in our healthcare system. [Edelman Digital]

– For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the “music of the sun”–that is, the sounds generated from the sun’s outer magnetic field. [The Telegraph]

– The crew behind Affiliate Summit had a mixer in New York (also home to Affiliate Summit East this August) on Monday. Were you there? There was free beer and pizza, so you had no excuses not to be…unless you were in Denver for AffCon. [AffiliateTip]

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