– No affiliate marketer is ever too successful to heed this handy pie chart provided by Shawn Collins. The most alarming observations? That of the affiliates surveyed, the top two most important attributes in choosing which merchants to promote were payout and brand awareness. Least important attribute? The allowance of incentivized traffic. [Affiliate Tip]

– According to this study, the way you start your digital day says a lot about your habits as a consumer. [Mashable]

– Some marketing advice for Facebook: People will always find a way to hide behind a digital disguise–and rather than fighting their desire to do so, it’s probably better to facilitate it, thereby making your outlet a valuable resource. [Adotas]

– Will Kevin Costner save the world from BP? Either him or a duck, at least. [Gizmodo]

– Speaking of beleaguered brands, MySpace is looking for an agency to lead its branding overhaul. [AdAge]

– The brand new Hotmail vs. the same old Gmail: Which ranks better? [Lifehacker]

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