– As a generation of web junkies, our ability to retain information is rapidly diminishing. [TECHi]

– But on the flip-side, Monday also saw the graduation of the first class of Microsoft High School. [FastCompany]

– This is “Duck vs. BP”–a free appavailable for download from the iTunes store. The aim of the game is to block up the pipes spilling oil and dodge oil bubbles. [Gizmodo]

– The developers of Farmville are in the process of blanketing their brand all across American 7-Elevens. [Jonathan Volk]

– Over on Missy Ward‘s affiliate blog, James Mowery has penned one of the easiest and most informative guides to search engine optimization. [Missy Ward]

– And the crisis continues! Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz reports on how yesterday’s pre-orders, while selling out, was mixing up customers shipping information and credit card information. Although this is just the latest in AT&T’s Apple-related security woes. [Gizmodo]

STEALING THUNDER The new Droid is going to be unveiled a day before the iPhone 4G becomes available in stores. [ Mashable]

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