AM Affiliate: An iPad Wedding, BP Gives Up on Containing Oil Spill and Contains Google Search Results Instead, & More

Welcome to your end-of-week AM Affiliate–today’s featured stories all underscore the expanding role technology seems to play in the well-being of people.

– Not to be outdone by the Mac users-only dating website, a couple has had an “iPad wedding”–wherein vows were read from the iPad and then the groom paused the ceremony to update his Twitter and Facebook profiles, also via iPad. []

– If you fancy yourself the next big music producer but find yourself lacking: (1) Recording equipment; (2) money to buy recording equipment; (3) musical talent; (4) spare time in which to pursue your life’s calling, fret no more! Aviary is a tool that lets you mix and create songs on the web. [Mashable]

– According to this survey, almost 60% of all marketers are afraid to integrate social media into their branding strategies. [Marketing Week]

– How a British affiliate marketing company is finding a way to split some commission with not just the last, but all referrers. [Affiliate Tip]

– So you’re a beleaguered oil giant responsible for one of the worst environmental crises of the past decade or so. How do you prevent your brand from becoming drowned by countless blog posts and bits of web detritus in Google’s search results? Why, you buy out search results for such terms as “oil spill” and “BP” and insure your corporate landing page shows up as the first result. [Mashable]

– Hey affiliates! Have you made all your last-minute preparations for AffCon2010? [AffCon 2010]

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