As the commotion of Internet Week rolls on, the spectacle isn’t in seeing the shiny new objects being trotted out by overconfident developers, but rather, in seeing the chorus of second guesses from knowledgeable tech fans and bloggers who are never the easiest bunch to win over.

– It seems like FaceTime–Apple‘s attempt at creating the Skype experience on its own terms–may already be a bit club-footed as it stumbles out of the gate for the first time as part of the iPhone 4 experience. [CNet]

– Well now all iPhone users are doomed for sure: Farmville is being ported to the iPhone. [Mashable]

– A dating website that discriminates against users on the orientation of their computer operating system has moved into beta. Say hello to Cupidtino!–named after the Cupertino, CA location of Apple HQ–a dating website by and for Mac users only. [TUAW]

– A useful aggregation of great learning resources for aspiring and green affiliates. [Affiliate Tip]

Fight Club star Edward Norton took a little time out at the Mashable Media Summit yesterday to introduce a new social media application designed specifically for organizing grassroots campaigns. [Mashable]

– Google spills about the new way it’s going to improve its approach to indexing the internet: Caffeine Web. [eWeek]

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