Welcome to your shiny, Monday morning edition of AM Affiliate! Today, we zero in on trends and developments that are attempting to make the internet much easier to wade through.

– Three easy upgrades for late adopters. [New York Times]

– The iPhone now supports Google’s Android 2.2 operating system. [Mashable]

– How partnering with existing apps–rather than creating your own from scratch–can be a boon for your brand. [Adotas]

– And now a provocative question: Is the Internet making us smarter or stupider? [The Wall Street Journal]

– More than 25%–up from 21% last December–of all mobile web users clicked on banner or text ads in February. [Digital Moses]

– Solving one of life’s most complex dilemmas yet: The mysterious “J” that tends to come at the end of some e-mails. [Inside Affiliate]

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