AM Affiliate: Android Compatible With iPhone, the Internet Might Be Making Us Stupid, and the Mysterious “J”

Welcome to your shiny, Monday morning edition of AM Affiliate! Today, we zero in on trends and developments that are attempting to make the internet much easier to wade through.

– Three easy upgrades for late adopters. [New York Times]

– The iPhone now supports Google’s Android 2.2 operating system. [Mashable]

– How partnering with existing apps–rather than creating your own from scratch–can be a boon for your brand. [Adotas]

– And now a provocative question: Is the Internet making us smarter or stupider? [The Wall Street Journal]

– More than 25%–up from 21% last December–of all mobile web users clicked on banner or text ads in February. [Digital Moses]

– Solving one of life’s most complex dilemmas yet: The mysterious “J” that tends to come at the end of some e-mails. [Inside Affiliate]