AM Affiliate: All Your Social Networks Sold You Out & More

As always, too many breaking news stories, too little time. So here’s a shuffle of what’s worth reading in this end-of-week installment of AM Affiliate.

– It turns out that apart from Facebook, every social networking you use or have ever used is probably selling your personal information. [TNW]

– On a similar tack, Facebook’s privacy is on the cover of Time. It’s the best publicity they’ve had all week. [Mashable]

– So remember when we said something about the Library of Congress keeping a hard copy of everything you’ve tweeted? This is what that archive looks like. [Wallet Pop]

– 4 things affiliate marketers can do to ensure self-preservation. [Mr. Green]

– Gauging Foursquare and the power of geomarketing. [Adotas]

– And finally, here’s a great little interview with Martin Osborn, a young London-based affiliate marketer. [Jonathan Volk]

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