With so many exciting developments within and outside of the affiliate marketing world than we can feasibly blog about, here’s a round-up of some of the most exciting items circulating throughout the internet.

– The “Kill Your Facebook Page” backlash gains some serious momentum after evidence was discovered of users trying to delete their profiles. [PC World]

– Which is unfortunate for the imperiled social networking giant, as a group of enterprising young programmers are determined to setting up a functional Facebook alternative. [BPM]

– The U.S. Government is trying to curb “bill shock”–the trauma experienced after opening your cell phone bill to find that it’s ten times more than it should be. [Daily Finance]

– And on the subject of unexpected surprises, the time is now for affiliate marketers to stay apprised of sudden changes to advertisers’ landing pages. [FeedFront]

– Which might be helped if more affiliate marketers get together and pow-wow more often. [BPM]

– Wikipedia gets a $1M grant to help purge political bias from its entries. [Network World]

– Today is the last day to cast your vote on speakers for Affiliate Summit East 2010. [Affiliate Summit]

– Skype is adding ads. And it could change the way businesses connect with customers. [BPM]

– Scientists have invented robots out of human DNA that follow instructions and work cooperative to make products like gold particles. [CNet]

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