Working Smarter, Not Harder

I may be dating myself slightly here when I tell you that my Godson, Bill, will be graduated from college at the end of of this term.  I remember my own version of what he’s currently undergoing more than a few years ago. While it seemed brutal and demeaning at the time, I must admit, in retrospect,  it seems like I had it pretty easy . I typed up a résumé, printed it out and sent it to every “adult” that I knew. Lo and behold, after a couple of weeks of stuffing envelopes and making phone calls, I had a real live interview, followed by a second interview.  I was offered a position, and I accepted.

My Godson is in quite a different position. He’s sitting like a deer in the headlights, just  waiting to line up with millions of his peers when he graduates, only to  eagerly sprint head-first into a series of doors being slammed in his face. After all, while the job market is tough, it’s probably a lot tougher when you have absolutely no real-world experience (sorry, Bill).

Now he’s a smart kid, he went to a good school,  got good grades, and things are bound to turn around sooner or later. Until he’s able to get a job in his field of studies, however,  he may want to check out these great business opportunities : My Free Affiliate Site , Secret Cash Loophole , and Specialty Merchandise Corporation (Email only)!


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