Oh. My. Gosh. Not another blog about the iPad? Before I continue with this iPad/marketing related blog, I will issue a minor disclaimer. I totally understand that the coverage of this gadget is way overblown. And while I don’t want to throw some more gasoline on the fire (and continue to make Apple’s stock soar through the roof); I believe a product with as much hype as the iPad needs to be acknowledged as a game changer for tablet computing; and a minor game changer for the online advertising world.

A recent report by JiWire concluded that 23% of mobile wifi users plan to purchase an iPad in the next 12 months. With numbers like that one would expect the marketing industry to be jumping all over iPad advertisements. Another article from Adotas asks if marketers are just as excited as consumers about the iPad and its widespread popularity. The reaction, based on industry buzz, seems to be lukewarm at best.

Specifically, in our sector of online marketing, in affiliate marketing, the response to the iPad has been virtually frigid. At the end of the day, the iPad brings affiliate marketers another medium in which to get advertisements up, and based on the hype, more sets of eyeballs clicking on those ads. Affiliate marketing found its way into mobile computing with ease, yet that type of excitement seems to be lacking when it comes to the iPad. The other factor here is timing. Thursday Apple is holding its application developers conference and rumored to be rolling out its own mobile advertising network (creatively titled iAd). As the week draws to an end, we’ll probably know more about the iPad and its advertising platform.

Since the verdict is still up, I’d like to leave an on open question to affiliates: Are you planning on targeting iPad users in your affiliate marketing efforts? Drop us a line, let us know.


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